MYONET - Atlas Musculature Orofacial System

Atlas Musculature: Area I/1

Erhard Thiele     003e Atlas Musculature Inventory       MYONET.TOTAL PROGR CONTENTS  

 A. Area I: The orofacial System

A.a.I: Map of the Musculature of the Orofacial System


I/ 1. M. nasalis

Abb. 2: Inventory of the Musculature

I/ 2. M. depressor septi
I/ 3.

M. levator labii superioris et alae nasi

I/ 4. M. orbicularis oris
I/ 5. M. buccinator
I/ 6. M. zygomaticus

                          A. maior


                          B. minor

I/ 7.

M. risorius

I/ 8. M. levator labii superioris
I/ 9. M. levator anguli oris
I/10. M. depressor anguli oris
I/11. M. depressor labii inferioris
I/12. M. mentalis
I/13. Platysma myoides
(SC) (Sternocleidomastoideus)


Location and short description of the single Muscles of Area  I - Orofacial System–

I/1. Musculus nasalis (Nose muscle)


1. Pars transversa

Abb.:3 Musculus nasalis

Site: Triangular muscle plate, flank of the nose


Origo: Canine alveolar process

Insertio: Tendon plate nasal dorsum, laterally overlayed from M. levator (3)

Path: slanting up- and median


nasal cartilage towards alveolar process, nostril narrowing;


mouth breathing in hyperactivity

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loosening-up  with NIBBLE RABIT


2. Pars alaris

Site: Nasal wing/upper lip


Origo: : Alveolar process of the upper lateral incisor


                a, Nostril skin;  

                b, lateral nasal septum and upper lip

Path: upward diverging

Action: Nostril opener, , Sniff, Gape


 supplement for mouth breathing

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