MYONET - Atlas Musculature Orofacial System

Atlas Musculature:  VII

Erhard Thiele     034e Atlas Musculature Inventory       MYONET.TOTAL PROGR CONTENTS  



1.7 Areal VIII: The Cervical Musculature

1.7.1 Atlas of the  Muscles  of the Neck Area



VIII/1. M. obliquus capitis superior


OO = Os occipitale, AT = Atlas vertebra, AX = Axis vertebra

Abb. 31 : Small  nack muscles    view from the front  Nomenclature as above in the   ”Survey”.

VIII/2. M. obliquus capitis inferior
VIII/3. M. rectus capitis posterior minor
VIII/4. M. rectus capitis posterior maior vorn

VIII/5. M. rectus capitis anterior

VIII/6. M. rectus capitis lateralis
(In a certain way the associated is the M. trapezius in the pectoral girdl.  Back muscles. Site:/location: Obtriangular between sholder  and spine.       Origo: Protuberantia occipitalis externa of the Os occipitale, further from the Ligamentum nuchae.  Insertio : Clavicula, Acromion and Spina scapulae. Action: Depending on the operative emphasis of the fixing point: sholder back and medial, rotation of the head to the counterside. (Exercise: TURN.)

Abb. 32 :  Small  nack muscles , view from the back . Nomenclature as above in the   ”Survey”.

(Bright  line: Contour of the field of  M. Trapezius)