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General chapter



Myofunktional Exercise  Collect ion

Basic Rules for a

Course of Action

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This chapter once again condenses a topic which, in given reason, frequently has been repeated in other chapters of this exercise collection, a medically sensible follow-up of the therapy steps within an overall planning:


















This should be the key principle of a logical layout for an overall therapy schedule as described in detail in the chapter Systematic in Myofunctional Therapy-

A Synopsis of the Therapeutic Procedure. It is discussed here once again very briefly in its key facts.


This systematic scheme applies for all neuromuscular systems within the organism the procedures of which are running more or less intensively guided by a sensomotor feed-back loop thus being more or less easily influenceable through Myofunctional Exercises.

There surely are those cases frequently cited by the critics where the intellect limits (hinders) a mental cooperation between patient and therapist, a small part, not being therapy resistant but not approachable by Myofunctional Exercises.

This observation applies especially for the first two programme items cited above.

Here a technological therapy support will have to try to establish a correct kinetic pattern in the unconscious.

Yet here too (as in all treatment cases) it is a matter of fact that the success will rather be unstable when the devices applied are discontinued. The principle of the Myofunctional Therapy is based upon teaching / learning the correct neuromuscular movement pattern implying an intellectual amenability of the patient.

Assistive equipment in cases where compliance can be supposed needs to be conformed to the physiological movement frame, should only support not dominate the therapeutic procedure and will have to  leave an independently regulated system abandoned during therapy; in cases of lacking or missing compliance the appliances employed presumably will have to be applied repeatedly or even constantly.

The further progress of therapy will, then, have to be developed in a therapy schedule containing the actual Myofunctional Exercises for the respective case.

They get installed in the schedule in a way that they


a. are matching in their carry-out to the individual requirements (see also hints in chapter TIMING dealing more specifically with the / particular ways an exercise can be applied)


b. complement and support each other in their effect and

c. get allocated to a certain time frame (duration of practicing per session, exercise repetition, domestic training, discontinuing or replacement in the therapy progress).


Such a concept is not irrevocable as it has to align itself towards the therapy success.

The main complex, the neuromotor training with the selected exercises has a guideline for its own. It is here described with the comparison of the “Green Frame” which is described as a septempartite jig-saw puzzle. These seven themes may also be called frame conditions under which a physiological action is running in a neuromuscular system. Here these puzzle stones of the mosaic picture are defined as ‚Qualities’. Every one of them is equally important but the have a strict sequence in the link chain as they are based on one another. Not all chain links need to be damaged if the function fails; therefore it is quite important to scan all seven through in this described sequence in the links before the concept and carry-out of the treatment can concentrate on the centres of the disorder.

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