MYONET - Atlas Musculature Orofacial System

Atlas Musculature: Area I,4,5

Erhard Thiele     005e Atlas Musculature Inventory       MYONET.TOTAL PROGR CONTENTS  

I/4. Musculus orbicularis oris


Abb. 6: Musculus orbicularis oris

Circular around the mouth slit with Intermediate tendon


Origo: intermediate tendon standing vertically towards the mouth slit and upper/lower alveolar processes in the front, Incisor juga (= Musculus incisivus superior/inferior)

 Insertio: intermediate tendon and neighbouring skin and mucosa


              Pars marginalis: Prolabium, uncinated outwards into the skin in die Haut
              Pars lateralis: Upper border Nose septum, lower border Mental plica = basic framework
              Rectussystem: leading radially into the upper lip , Upper lip edge (M. depressor septi, I/2))

              - all muscles from the neighbourhood leading into the Orbicularis, coalesce or get woven together with its fibres


Action: Movable also in parts through inter tendons , else ring closure.

              Pars marginalis = tender mouth

              Pars labialis = Trunk

              as for the scheme see also following text  . (Tripartition:: marginalis, medialis, labialis)

many variations trough junctional fibres., „Sucker mouth“, „firm lips“, open mouth slit, rhagades.

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I/5. Musculus buccinator (Horn blower muscle)

Abb. 7a, b: Musculus buccinator 

I/5. Musculus buccinator (Horn blower muscle) 

: Lateral wall of oral cavity, deep cheek layers.


Origo: Horseshoe-shaped, threepart: Alveolar bone of the upper molars – Raphe pterygo- mandibularis – lower  molar bone (crista buccinatorica).

Insertio: mouth corner intermediate tendon, Intertwining Orbicularis with overlap upper, lower fibres  towards the lip, marginal fibres straight, as M. buccolabialis as well, fibres partially till  Mentalis and insertion  in the premolar region; attached to the inner surface of the mucosa.

Path: From the retral cheek region medianwards to the mouth corner region.

Action: Pressure- and masticatory antagonist of the tongue. Air stream support with blowing, anchoring the mouth corners  respectively lateral pull..

Specialities . Hyperfunction = cheek crests, jaw bone compression.  A sinewy entangling between the M. constrictor pharyngis superior and M. buccinator, the Raphe pterygomandibularis binds  the vauces constrictor into the action group of the swallow reflex. The Constrictor pharyngis superior together with the Velum palatinum closes the Nasopharynx against the nasal cavity.

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